"The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space."

Welcome to Medera Custom Cabinetry Inc.

We hope you will enjoy viewing a variety of Cabinetry Services in our Galleries portfolio. Our cabinetry designs are created for the kitchen, bath, entertainment room or any other space in the home where cabinetry is needed. It is in a custom approach to all clients needs, personal space & budget that Shawn (Owner) works hard one on one from start to completion of each Cabinetry Project.

What makes Medera different? We understand that each client has a special & distinct style. That each space of a home/structure is just the same. With that dedication to service we effectively communicate on all levels to ensure the focus is always on meeting all clients expectations. The key in obtaining a successful project is in building a solid client/business relationship in the beginning stages of any project design so that the build to finishing & complete Cabinetry installation goes as smoothly as possible.

Another great feature is that Shawn authentically hand draws all designs, builds all the Cabinetry & installs all of it as well. This allows clients exclusive access & communication with him throughout the entire process of their project. Whether you are renovating or building a home or even looking for commercial cabinetry, Shawn is highly qualified & can effectively assist you in making your visions come to life. 


Medera Custom Cabinetry Inc. Is a company that bases itself on quality Craftsmanship to ensure that every detail, from door styles, wood species, storage/convenience, accessories & finishes are always at an optimal level.

It is always exciting to work on all types of projects of any size with new ideas while transforming spaces with beautiful & innovative Cabinetry. If you are looking for a skilled Cabinetry professional to collaborate with, Shawn can customize a design plan that will best suit your space.